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Embedded Funeral Cover

This benefit is offered on all Mathomo, Classic, Professional and Campus Transactional accounts at no additional cost to the cardholder!

VBS Bank

On death of the cardholder, a benefit will be paid out to a specified beneficiary. For Classic Transact Card and Professional Classic Card a benefit of R3000 is paid out. For Mathomo Transactor and Campus Card a benefit of R2000 is paid out

VBS Bank

The benefit has a three months waiting period (from the month of opening an account) on natural death i.e. only accidental deaths will be paid. In the first 12 month of opening the account, if death is due suicide no benefit will be paid out.

The benefit will cover cardholders who open an account before the age of 60, however once covered, the cover does not ceases.

To claim or find out more information visit your nearest branch


Terms and conditions apply. All benefits are underwritten by GuardRisk Insurance. An Authorised Financial Services Provider.